Introduction of Company

Roof Truss Co., with 45 years’ service records plays an active role in construction and installation of metal structures including industrial factories, petrochemical complexes, electricity power plant and also residential commercial and Official towers.
Now, this Company taking benefit from attendance of qualifies engineers and technicians, besides observing the standards and valid bylaws submit structures static estimation and design affairs along with computer maps and technical measurement booklet. The production capacity of this company for manufacturing, shot blast and sand blast, painting, transportation and installation of metal structures is 3000 ton per month in one working shift.
The land area of the factory is 90,000 sq.m. and the area of production saloons is exceeded from 40,000 sq.m.
Roof Truss Co., is differentiated from other companies for such specifications including high capacity, good quality, logical speed in the area of production and installation of metal structures which this matter is achieved by using skillful manpower, modern equipment and continues and systematic management.

Message of Chairman of Board of Directors

Roof Truss Co., was established in 1977 in order to actively attend in the state constriction affairs. Roof Truss Co., during the past couple of years, has completed various plans in the area of construction, special for industrial complicated metal structures, rail and suspending bridges, construction of industrial and power plant equipment, etc. with success and initiative and take a small but stable steps in line with state stable development upon the authorities’ approval.
Roof Truss Co., with 500,000,000,000 Rls., turn over and recruited 800 specialized manpower , not only able to fulfill construction and industrial plans for a short while in best manner but also intends to develop and archive to highest ranks and appearing more than before in the arena of construction of state.
The management and personnel of Roof Truss Co., completely know about the secrets of durability in market and due to this reason, they set goals to recruit and train talented manpower and improve the quality of products and using modern technology. It’s our honor that our company by establishing ISO, HSE systems and etc. not only cause the domestic organizational relations become more systematic but also care about the subject of human resource and improvement of this valuable capital and we are known eco-friendly company in the arena of industry. Roof Truss Co., taking benefit from principled and correct management of financial resources is known as trusted customers of Iran banks and by doing so, is able to make use financial and credits of banking systems in a way that the capacity for attending in plans so called FEPC )supplying financial resources, engineering, recruitment and construction( is provided, this company in line with development and improvement of technical knowledge and accessibility to modern technology had jointly executed various plans with famous Asian and European companies and had an active role in the oversea markets.
The board of directors and Managers of Roof Truss Co., shall continue their activities in serving to Iranian people in line with development of our country.